Beckham Stadium Plans Set Back

David Beckham has suffered a major setback in his attempts to start the new Miami MLS franchise after the City Council rejected the plans to build a stadium near the waterfront. Beckham had been hoping to build a brand-new stadium that would seat more than 20,000 people near the waterfront. This would give a major advantage to his franchise in terms of location, but this proposal drew several complaints from people residing in the area and businesses in and around the location.

Since the Port of Miami is one of the top employers in this region, the decision to build a new stadium largely rested upon their shoulders. Their influence certainly seems to have made an effect after the city rejected the proposal of the former Manchester United star, whose business group that has been called as Beckham Miami United, and also advised them to look at other locations. That has been public outcry at stadium is being funded from money from the council. This was the case with the Miami Marlins baseball team, who built a brand-new stadium and the cost of £ 500 million that was provided by the council.

Beckham, though, revealed at the time of unveiling his new MLS franchise that the stadium will be funded entirely from the investor’s pocket. Beckham has teamed up with a few other investors in order to start this franchise. He is also thought to be in negotiations to bring in NBA star Lebron James, who is his friend, into the project. Beckham is thought to be investing in excess of £ 20 million on this project. The stadium is expected to cost more than £ 150 million. Some of the partners in the new MLS franchise include the likes of Simon Fuller, who is a British entrepreneur, and billionaire Marcelo Claure.