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Manchester United legend Eric Cantona says he likes the choice of Jose Mourinho as the club manager but praised the attacking style of play of Pep Guardiola. Cantona labelled the Portuguese “a winner who will continue to win”…

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Real Madrid broke the bank when last year when they secured the services of Gareth Bale as he arrived from Tottenham with a price tag of €91 million. The Welshman was signed by Madrid as a way for them to response to Barcelona as they already had signed Neymar a few weeks previously.
The price tag lifted the eyebrows of many fans and even coaches around the world as they were concerned as to whether or not; the enormous price tag was actually worth it.

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FIFA accepts technology is needed

Having initially laughed at the sheer idiocy of the man behind the goal finally being asked to do the job he was employed for, before failing utterly to prove himself in any way competent, the reality has once again sunk in that poor decisions will continue to undermine the integrity of football.

Before Ukraine were robbed of their ‘goal’ in their final group game against England, this week, the English had been labelled by opposition fans as bad losers, following Frank Lampard’s goal that wasn’t in the World Cup.

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