Chris Ramsey wants to stay in charge of Queens Park Rangers despite the possibility of being relegated

This is the first season that Chris Ramsey has enjoyed as the manager of Queens Park Rangers.

The 53 year old manager was selected as the man to succeed Harry Redknapp earlier in February of the current year but it hasn’t been a very fulfilling experience as QPR is fighting just to survive for another season in the Premier League after only being able to win 7 league matches in 35 games.

The first competitive match that Ramsey experienced as the coach of QPR was back in February 7 as Queens Park Rangers received Southampton at Loftus Road and lost 1-0. From there on out, Ramsey has only been able to guide his team to 2 league victories so far in this season.

Even though Chris Ramsey and his men are in the dreaded relegation zone, the English manager told reporters that he wants to continue being in charge of Queens Park Rangers and hopes to avoid being relegated.

Chris Ramsey said: “I wouldn’t say I’m expecting the sack but I’ve been in the game a long time and you have to be realistic about what generally happens, whether it’s fair or not fair. I’m going to say it would be unfair because I’ll be shopping in Lidl instead of Waitrose, I’ll have a different shopping basket. I think the club long-term needs someone like me to have a holistic approach of building the club.”

One of the criticism that Chris Ramsey and his staff members are receiving is concerning the high salary that some of their players including Joey Barton who earns £70,000 each week but this is expected to change in the next season, although it depends on whether or not Queens Park Rangers get relegated or not.