Former Real Madrid and Manchester United player says he does not support the decision to exit the European Union, as the referendum result advises.

The former England captain, who played his best while at the Red Devils under Sir Alex Ferguson before his move to Spain to play for Real Madrid, claims his experience playing internationally made him appreciate European culture.

He says he wants his children to grow up and facing the problems of the World together and not alone. He claimed his spell at Old Trafford with British players like Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and even the Neville brothers were better as they had “a Danish goal keeper, Peter Schmeichel, the leadership of an Irishman Roy Keane, and the skill of a Frenchman in Eric Cantona.”

Beckham played in Milan, Paris and other top cities all over Europe and he wrote on the Facebook page of Stronger In Campaign that “those great European cities and their passionate fans” welcomed him and his family and gave them equal opportunities to enjoy the culture of the people.
He said he is voting the country to remain as the world id one that is vibrant and connected. His wife, Victoria Beckham, years back seems she wanted the country to keep their “national individuality” in an interview with Spectator but agrees with her husband on the decision to remain.

The leading leave campaigner Boris Johnson played down the significance of the announcement from David Beckham, adding that the leave campaigners also had the backing of former England football stars. He said: “Making the changes we need means taking back control of the game we love. The Premier League is in danger of becoming a free-for-all because, along with the star players, we are seeing teams load up too many mediocre overseas footballers, especially from Europe.”