David Beckham’s reveals one of his favorite vacation destinations

Former Manchester United player David Beckham is no longer seen in the pitch of matches as the Englishman hung up his boots some time ago but he still continues being in the eye of the media as Beckham has always been one of the most talked about figures not in football but in the entire world.

In one of the latest interviews that he has been involved with, Beckham revealed what are some of his favorite places to go when he just wants to take some time off from everything and just relax with his family.

Even though Beckham retired from playing professional competitive football a few years ago, he still has a pretty busy life as he is continuously doing interviews, photo-shoots, modeling work, charities and of course everything that he has been doing in relation to his upcoming Miami based expansion football team.

David Beckham was recently interviewed by British Airways where he was questioned about some of his ideal places to go and the Englishman responded by saying: “New York and LA are pretty special but I also like Singapore,” the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star told the magazine. Then again, can you ever beat Paris? I’d say it can be matched but not beaten. Of course, I love coming back to my home, London. It has everything you could ask for in a city,”

In the interview, Beckham also spoke about his most memorable trips. Visiting Antarctica was “pretty special and somewhere I will never forget,” he said. Additionally, the ex-football star recalled family vacations in the Maldives and Bali to be among his best holidays to date. I like to visit destinations where food is the central part of the journey so my next holiday will be somewhere I can try different cuisines.”

Even outside of the pitch, Beckham continues being in the spotlight and this is why he is one of the most recognizable and renowned figures in the world.