FIFA accepts technology is needed

Having initially laughed at the sheer idiocy of the man behind the goal finally being asked to do the job he was employed for, before failing utterly to prove himself in any way competent, the reality has once again sunk in that poor decisions will continue to undermine the integrity of football.

Before Ukraine were robbed of their ‘goal’ in their final group game against England, this week, the English had been labelled by opposition fans as bad losers, following Frank Lampard’s goal that wasn’t in the World Cup.

The fact that the same sort of scenario has now worked in England’s favour, and has led to the host nation of a tournament suffering elimination, means that the English example can no longer be regarded as an isolated voice calling for the introduction of goal line technology.

With Tottenham beaten in part due to a poor goal line decision in the FA Cup, last season, England seeing a potential 2-2 World Cup situation robbed from them, and now Ukraine seeing themselves eliminated from the competition they were co-hosting, the time has finally come for Sepp Blatter to admit that FIFA need to support video technology.

UEFA and Platini (Blatter’s wonderful future replacement), though, have failed to join the bandwagon calling for the introduction of technology in football, meaning that football may continue to be pointlessly left behind by other sports that choose to embrace innovation.

Whatever happens in the rest of the tournament, this summer, it seems that some people are so against change that more and more evidence will need to be accrued before what many deem a good idea becomes a reality.

The only problem is, however, the number of players and teams who will see their dreams cruelly crushed, perhaps on the Bet365 videos online, while compiling that damning evidence.

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