New York Red Bulls Yet to Face Portland Timbers

The New York Red Bulls will go on-board for their most important and longest business trip as the business season comes to an end. They are off for their Pacific Northwest grand tour where they are likely to take on Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders within a time of four days. It is considered that they are two of the most tough and strong road venues in the MLS. There will be three games left for the regular season when they return finally to New Jersey. They are set to return six days after they begin with their trip.

The Red Bulls are coming off in the argument that this is one of the most disappointing defeats for them in this season. According to the words of Armas, when the character of the entire team goes under test, it literally shines the most. He said that the team is and will always remain together. If there is some mistake, they must find it out. They must even know the position in which they are at right now. Armas stated that the team must fight and stick together whatever happens. He knows that the team spirit is still high and that is a good thing for them.

Luis Robles is the goalkeeper for Red Bulls. He said that both the road trip and international breaks are happening just at the right time. Everyone in the team is really happy about the trip and they are all healthy to participate in the road trip too. Aaron Long is the defender for the team. He supported the fact as well. Robles also stated that the team members are now relaxing to get ready for the trip. They are now focused on the things that they need to boost. He thinks that everyone is in a good mental space to play and perform.

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