Former England international David Beckham has said that he is in favour of removing the salary cap, which is currently in place in the MLS.

According to the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star, the league is unable to attract a lot of big names because of the salary cap. According to the rules, no team is allowed to have wage bill of more than $ 3.1 million. However, they can still bring in three players per team with no limits. This was primarily called as the ‘Beckham rule’ as it helped bring the international superstar to LA Galaxy.

He is believed to have earned $ 32 million per year for five years before eventually retiring last summer. Beckham also had the option to start a new MLS franchise at a discounted price. This is a clause that he recently executed after starting a new franchise in Miami. Apart from announcing the plans for a new 25,000 seater stadium, which will be built out of his own pocket, Beckham has also been announcing grand plans to make the club as one of the best in the MLS.

Due to his incredible connections big game, it is expected that several big stars will be coming to the club, although the 38-year-old refused to reveal their names.

“We’re restricted with some of the players that you can pay over the wage cap. The salary cap removal is what we’ll work for. Obviously, that’s one of the things that stops a lot of players coming over here, where I think the league and certain cities in this country will attract big-name players. I’m not going to mention any players because it’s disrespectful to the players and the teams. But we want to bring big players. We have to,” said Beckham to BeIN Sports.