Roberto Carlos claims that his teammate David Beckham was better

Former Brazil and Real Madrid superstar Roberto Carlos claims that his teammate David Beckham was better than him when it came to taking free kicks.

Both players are known for their exceptional ability from the dead ball situation. Carlos is widely remembered for his incredible goal against France at a World Cup when he managed to bend the ball from an improbable angle into the goal. Even though Beckham has also scored numerous freekick goals, the effort from Carlos is regarded as one of the best in the history of the game. Despite this accolade, Carlos is humble enough to accept that Beckham is a better freekick taker.

Both players have retired from the game and have been focusing on different aspects within it. Beckham is looking into football ownership with the possibility of becoming a franchise owner in the MLS. Carlos is now the player coach of Indian Super League outfit Delhi Dynamos. Despite being 42, the Brazilian says that he is still practising freekicks everyday since he wants to give the best for his club. Carlos also took time to speak about the growth of football in India, which is predominantly a country where cricket dominates every aspect. The Indian Super League enters into its second season after an incredibly popular inaugural campaign.

“I practise my free kicks every day. Of course, at the age of 42 the quality is not what it was, but I’m still determined to show India the best of Roberto Carlos.There are seven days in a week. I take seven free kicks daily. You should be relaxed before taking the free kick. You should have confidence in your ability and happiness that you are going to score a goal. Beckham takes free kicks better than me. It is a joy to watch him take free kicks and he has proved that free kicks are not all about power,” said Carlos.