Real Madrid broke the bank when last year when they secured the services of Gareth Bale as he arrived from Tottenham with a price tag of €91 million. The Welshman was signed by Madrid as a way for them to response to Barcelona as they already had signed Neymar a few weeks previously.
The price tag lifted the eyebrows of many fans and even coaches around the world as they were concerned as to whether or not; the enormous price tag was actually worth it.

Bale took his time adapting and settling into Spain and the play style of Real Madrid but slowly he has been making his presence felt and this was evidenced most recently by his amazing solo run as he ran past Bartra and slipped the ball past Pinto as he scored the winning goal for Real Madrid which allowed them on securing the Copa del Rey trophy.
When the match concluded, the head coach of Tottenham Tim Sherwood stated that Real Madrid signed Bale on a bargain price.

“His fee looks cheap now” he told the belgie rusland odds website. “If he is going to deliver them the European Cup which it looks like he might then that looks good business for Madrid. To have Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale he’s a freak of nature what you see there. When he was running on the track he’d run past three old ladies eating a hamburger and come back on the pitch, and still be fastest to the ball. Look at his goal, he was playing against Barcelona, he’s had a great season”

“Give me Gareth Bale and I think we might have been realistic challengers for the top four this season. You saw what Gareth did eight winning goals last season out of 21 goals and nine assists. If you put them on to our season it would have a different complexion. Speculation was rife at the time nearly as long as the speculation surrounding me” Sherwood announced.

Unfortunately for Sherwood, his squad is out of the Europa League qualification spots as they are behind a few points behind.

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