Steven Gerrard has revealed that he resorted to advice from David Beckham

Steven Gerrard has revealed that he resorted to advice from David Beckham before deciding on a move to the MLS.

Gerrard will be playing for the same club as Beckham. He has signed a short-term contract with LA Galaxy. Even though it is almost certain that he will return to Liverpool in some form or the other, Gerrard has lost his tag as being one of few players to have represented a single club throughout their professional career. He was given a rousing sendoff by the Anfield faithful in his last home match against Crystal Palace.

Beckham is one of the recent high-profile moves to the MLS. It is after the former Manchester United and Real Madrid icon played for LA Galaxy from 2007. A number of high profile players have started taking the league much more seriously in the last couple of years and Gerrard will be the latest. He will be joined by the likes of Frank Lampard and Kaka for this season. The Liverpool midfielder says that Beckham spoke in glowing terms of the MLS. Settling in with his new club is unlikely to be very difficult since LA Galaxy already have a former Liverpool striker in the form of Robbie Keane.

Keane played only for a season at Liverpool but he is a well-known fan of the Merseyside club.“His first couple of sentences to me were ‘Go for it. You will absolutely love it’.To hear those lines from someone like him who I know would give me the right advice, who has been there and experienced it – at a younger age than me – was great.He said: ‘I’ve been following your career, I have played with you and I think it is absolutely perfect for you and your family”,” said Gerrard about the advice from Beckham.