Will Torrent Lead NYCFC Again in 2020?

New York City FC won the regular season of the Eastern Conference for the very first time in five years making it a history for the club. The New York City FC also earned a playoff bye in the initial round of the conference as a top seed team, but then the club was obstructed by Toronto FC in the semi-final match. Now, the coach who guided New York City to have the best season is on his way out. Dome Torrent is the coach for New York City FC. He intimated that the match that they lost to Toronto FC could be his last match with the club. He said this at a news conference held postgame. The coach was vague in his reply when asked about his return in the next season in the year 2020. 


Torrent stated that it is not important for him to think that the team will not be able to play without him. They are set for playing under a new coach. It was also mentioned by him that the current season was really tough for him and for the New York City FC team. People do not know everything that has happened inside the club.

Glenn Crooks is associated with Pro Soccer USA. It is known from sources that he followed the NYCFC to all their home and away matches. He has also followed the club to all the training sessions that the team went through every week. It is reported that he will be sharing the comments made by comments.


MLS was very much desperate to get a metropolitan side of New York that they did not think twice before approaching the Yankees and Mets, both from New York. While the Mets have turned them down, the Yankees are yet to give their opinions.

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