Manchester United legend David Beckham has been on a long journey towards owning his Major League Soccer side. Earlier this year the league commissioner Don Garber approved of his move and awarded the 25th franchise slot to him.

The next step is to secure the stadium but there have been hiccups after hiccups. The host community is angry at the Beckham ownership group that wants to build a multimillion dollar project at a site where many live in poverty. There have been proposals after proposals, with several modifications to plans. The latest plan is to build the stadium near the city’s airport. The investors had to meet with the hostile public recently for eight hours.

It’s been five years of serious back and forth with the people of Miami. All the suggested sites keep having several issues and it is tasking. Activists keep bringing lawsuits after lawsuits to it is hard to progress despite all the work done so far.

The team is yet to have a structure, an official name, badge, coach and players, meanwhile the team should be ready to feature from year 2020, even if it is in a temporary location.

The latest plans to turn the Melrese County Club into a stadium complex have met negative vibes. The proposed site is currently occupied by First Tee – a popular youth golf scheme in the city. Despite overcoming several hurdles, there is a major one that seems to stick. A local activist Bruce Matheson does not want the plans to move forward despite Beckham ownership group insisting that the gold team would continue on the site and the whole project is privately funded.

The fans are always quick to remind that the Miami Martins baseball team stadium left the city with an approx. USD$ 3million bill. The latest is resident in Overtown are protesting the close bidding process that allowed only Beckham and his team to partake in using outdated appraisal prices. The suit from Matteson was thrown out but the appeal is pending so Beckham cannot start construction work. The stadium site issues are obviously affecting them so they cannot put all energy into building the team.

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