Liverpool crashed out of FA Cup when they faced off against Arsenal in February and goals from Oxlade-Chamberlain and Podolski was just barely enough for Arsenal to cancel out Gerrard’s penalty and claim the victory but there was a moment during that match that caused a lot of controversy and it happened when Luis Suarez appeared to have been brought down by Oxlade-Chamberlain but the referee of that match Howard Webb did not give Liverpool a penalty set-piece.

Since the conclusion of that encounter, Howard Webb has been getting negative comments about his decision that might have completely changed the outcome of the game.

Brendan Rodgers considers it to be an easy decision for the ref and he is still wondering why the set-piece was not given to his team – though he has not gone all out and linked it to a football betting scandal just yet!?

‘I thought that was quite an easy decision for the ref. Luis has a touch, gets around him and it looks a blatant penalty. We’re bitterly disappointed to have not got that because then it just keeps our momentum going for the final stages of the game. For me, it’s gone. You can’t change it, you can’t affect it’.

‘I’ll speak to an assessor. It would be nice to know why it wasn’t given, because it can be a defining moment in the game.’ Rodgers told Sky Sports News.

Robbie Savage and former Liverpool player John Alridge are some other figures which have stated their concerns around the controversial decision of Howard Webb and Alridge even suggested that the 42 years old referee should never be appointed to be the referee of any other match.

“How many of these wrong decisions does Webb have to make before action is taken? For a start, he should never referee a Liverpool game ever again’’. John Alridge stated.