David Beckham has said that he hasn’t yet taken any decision about his future. He will talk to his friends and family next week and then, will decide which club he would join.

Beckham’s contract with his previous club Los Angeles Galaxy ended before Christmas and Beckham is without contract at the moment. However, the former England captain is getting a number of offers from all over the world.

According to some reports, Beckham’s family would now live in London so that his children would not have to face any problem in their schooling. But, Beckham is not expected to join any Premier League side. Although, QPR and West Ham United have shown interest in him but, he is no mood to return to Premier League.

Beckham has got a total of 12 offers. He has got offers from Europe, China, South Africa, South America, Russia, North America and also from the Middle East. This suggests that Beckham is still one of the most in-demand players in the world. However, he hasn’t got any offer from Qatar.
Beckham is 37 years old now and he knows that this probably would be his last move as a player. So, he doesn’t want to take decision in a hurry. He will talk to his advisors in the next few days and then, will take any decision.

According to some reports, Beckham might decide to join a Chinese or Russian club where he will get huge weekly salary. Quite a few top quality players have done that in recent times including Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba.
When asked about his future, Beckham said, “I have got a lot of offers, but, I haven’t decided anything yet. It would be a big decision for me and I want to take this decision after discussing with my advisors. Probably, I will decide about it next week.”