The Barcelona manager Tito Vilanova has indicated that he would be more than willing to field a full team of players from the youth academy.

Barcelona recently fielded a starting lineup that included all the players from the youth academy, which has received praise from all over the world. He has said that there is a special happiness when it comes to winning silverware with players from the youth academy. As a result, he is likely to use a lot of players from the youth system in the coming weeks. Tito Vilanova is a firm believer of the fact that clubs should rely upon the youth academy first before looking in the transfer window.

This is the same principle adopted by the former manager Guardiola. Barcelona have made a great start to the new season. They have won 12 matches and drawn another in the first 13 matches of the league campaign. Barcelona received plaudits for the way they fielded 11 players from the youth academy in the recent match against Valencia. However, Tito Vilanova has said that it was a situation that arise the because of the injury situation at the club. He has also praised the club and the coaches of the youth academy for making this possible.

“It’s not like a title; it was not a target. We could have fielded 11 academy players earlier if we had wanted to, but it was a situation that happened because of injury. I didn’t even think about it [beforehand]. It’s a credit to the club and all the coaches here. I think it’s more of a success to win titles and Champions Leagues with seven or eight academy players, like Barcelona have done in recent years,” said the Barcelona manager. This start has equalled the best ever start to a new season by Barcelona.